The Siege has begun!

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  1. Looking for info on you brewery. Thanks.
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      Rob, I would love to tell you more but at the moment we are negotiating our lease and applying for our TTB and LBL licenses. If you would like I will gladly let you know as much as we do the moment we receive confirmation of our location. I hope we can put a beer in your hand as soon as possible. Knights Keep
  2. Where in Mercer Co. are you expecting to open?!
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      We had hoped to be open in the Hamilton area provided all requirements were met but the building quickly became the most difficult facet of a new brewery to obtain. We are currently still in talks with a Hamilton location but are simultaneously negotiating a lease South of Mercer County area. If you would like I will keep you informed as our progress continues! Knights Keep
      • Ah - Totally understand getting the building space! GOOD LUCK with everything! I'm certainly excited about the prospects of having a new brewery in the area! As i'm sure you have noticed.. Mercer Co. is somewhat of a black hole - not sure why! Yes! I would appreciate it if you could keep me in the loop as to your progress!

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